Friday, 8 March 2013

The Hose-able Rug!

Most of the clients I work with either have young children, grandchildren or pets. Anyone who has or who knows anyone with kids and/or pets knows first hand that these little delights normally come equipped with grubby hands, feet or paws. They also tend to have an outstanding ability to make mess on the hardest surface or object to clean in a house, normally the carpet or rugs!

When I am designing a space for clients of course I always want it to look beautiful, but it also has to be functional and most importantly practical. Rugs were previously a difficult thing to have in a house with children or pets because they were often quite an investment and if they got dirty you'd need to have a professional come in and clean them for you. Often they would never look the same as they did new.

Then came the invention of polypropylene and voila we now have the indoor/outdoor rug! My favourite indoor/outdoor rugs are by Dash and Albert. They come in a fantastic range of colours and patterns, but the best part is that when they need cleaning you take them outside, hang them up and hose them down! Yes, you did read that correctly, YOU CAN HOSE THEM!

I always like to try products before recommending them to clients and I can confirm that you can hose your Dash and Albert indoor/outdoor rug with complete success.

One important point to mention is that they are not a plush rug, but let's be honest plush rugs tend to hide food scraps and anyone who has trained a puppy will remember that the puppy finds a plush rug to be much the same as they do further information required there!

Below are some examples of the range of colours & patterns available. If you wish to see the whole collection click here.

And here is my rug hanging up post-hosing...

And afterwards, placed back in the living room all clean & like new again...

If you are located in the U.S you'll already know how to buy these rugs, but if you are located in Australia and would like information on how to purchase one please feel free to email me -