Monday, 20 May 2013

Peacock Bedroom Design

I have been working on a new bedroom design that I LOVE! Peacock is a popular colour at the moment but it's really a colour I am always fond of. 

I was reading one of my favourite blogs, House of Turquoise and came across a beautiful fabric that had been used by a designer on some kitchen bar stools. I fell in love with the P Kaufmann fabric as soon as I saw it and went out of my way to track some down. You never know how much fabric is in stock and/or when it will be discontinued, so if you love a fabric you are best to move quickly to secure it!

This is the fabric below. I knew it was beautiful, but needed to be used in moderation in a bedroom. I decided it would make amazing cushions.

I then set about finding a complimentary fabric for use in a headboard. I decided on a lovely Warwick fabric called Ella in Peacock, it was the perfect colour and added some much needed texture to the space.

This is what the scheme looked like when the fabric was pulled together.

And here is the end result, I was so pleased with how it all turned out.


Adding little details like piping the cushion in the same fabric as the headboard, makes the whole scheme really pull together.

Disclaimer - this bedroom hadn't been properly styled and was not professionally photographed, but I didn't want to wait to share it!