Monday, 31 October 2011

What's Not To Love...

Today's post is a small collection of items I love at the moment.

What is not to love about this lamp? They are such a classic design statement. This is the Magnolia lamp available from Domayne and comes in this gorgeous blue or white.

Above is the Soraya Stone side table by Coco Republic. A slightly different take on the traditional ceramic stool, I think it's beautiful. These stools are handy as side tables and can also be used for extra seating when needed.

The gorgeous geometric wallpaper in this image is 'Darcy', available from Wall Candy Wallpaper. I have such a wallpaper obsession, if were up to me I'd probably have wallpapered feature walls in just about every room in our home!

The above rug is from the 'Saffron Collection' available at Designer Rugs. I am dying to use this rug and the previous wallpaper in a project. They would add such sophistication and a little bit of glamour to any room.
I have decided to get organised and write my next post on some of my favourite Etsy stores, see you then!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Real Living

This is a quick post to show you the cute, free gift you'll receive with this month's Real Living Magazine. If you're not into typography you can of course always pop a photo into the frame.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Exciting New Service!

I am so excited to announce the launch of Matilda Rose Interiors' new e-Design service!

If you have always wanted to have a room in your home professionally designed, but felt uncomfortable at the idea of having someone in and out of your home, then this is the service for you!

The entire e-Design process is carried out via email. You will receive a professional, personalised design for your chosen room. This design is created specifically for you to suit your preferred style.

Example e-Design Mood board

Jump onto our website for further information and rates for this service.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Boutique Accomodation

Suffering Sunday night blues with impending Monday-itis looming? Well this post may make you feel much better. Actually now I think about it, it may actually make you feel far worse but, if nothing else it will give you some beautiful properties to look at.

The images below are from a couple of different properties owned by Bells at Killcare. Killcare is located on the NSW Central Coast about 1.5hrs north of Sydney (it's just a few minutes drive from my personal little piece of paradise). For anyone wanting a short or long break, these places are beautifully appointed and are situated in stunning locations.

Bells Beach House

This property is located right opposite the beach with a cafe right next door

The striking, contemporary facade of the property

Now who couldn't picture themselves sitting back on this deck with a cocktail (or mocktail) in hand, soaking up the sunshine?

The perfect entertaining kitchen with lots of bench space and great open plan layout

Thought home bars were just badly designed brick monstrosities from the 80's? Clearly not here

I am loving grey in interiors at the moment and these two bedrooms are ticking all the boxes

So what did you think, isn't it lovely? It really is a quintessential Australian Beach House interior, executed to perfection!

Located just 5 minutes drive from Bells Beach House is Pretty Beach House. As the name suggests it is located in the little bay side suburb of Pretty Beach. Tucked away in the trees but with stunning views over the bay, it would be impossible not to relax & unwind if you were staying here

I love that they built the deck around the big old gum tree, it provides such a great feature

I really love plunge pools, probably because I like to dip rather than swim as I hate getting my face wet (yes I know it's weird and yes I do actually wash my face each day - I just don't enjoy it!)

This is the Bayview Pavilion, there isn't a single thing that I dislike about this room

I love this room's rustic chic interior. The wood panelled walls remind you that you are in a coastal setting, but I also love the use of the wooden trunks as bed posts and native floral display which references the bush setting

And just when you thought it really couldn't get any more luxurious, guests also have access to their power boat - The Launch

I hope you have a great week!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Rooms For Children

Our youngest daughter is almost 2.5 years old and by the time our eldest was the same age we had already moved her out of her cot and into a 'big girls bed'. To be completely honest that was not one of our most brilliant parenting decisions. She thought it was hilarious running in and out a million times a night (OK so that's probably a slight exaggeration, but at the end of a long day let me tell you, it felt like a million times!). Needless to say we are happy keeping Miss 2 in her cot for as long as possible. Of course these things can't be indefinitely delayed so with the inevitable move from the cot into a big girls bed approaching it has me thinking about how I will redecorate her room. Here are some great photos of bedrooms and playrooms I would have loved when I was a child

How much fun would this slide be for the children that live in this house. I remember my brother and I trying to convince my Mum that we needed a slide in our house, we also tried in vain to convince her that we needed secret passageways too - it seemed a reasonable request at the time...

I love red, it is such a vibrant colour. It is also an excellent colour to use for a playroom if you have both boys and girls as it is neither too masculine or feminine

I can't think of any little girl that I know who wouldn't love playing in this room

I think this idea is great for children sharing a bedroom. Clearly this room isn't lacking space but having sleeping cubbies on one wall would be a clever idea if you were short on space. Designing a room in this way would leave lots of floor space for play

When decorating a room for a pre-teen girl it's important to bear in mind that they generally don't want their room to be too juvenile. Using damasks and geometric patterns keep the room feeling pretty, yet grown up at the same time

Even though I've never been (nor do I have) a little boy, I would imagine this would be most little boys idea of heaven.

And if your little boy isn't into fire engines then how about a sailing adventure every night!

Pre-teen boys will also prefer their room to have a more adult feel to it

Now this is pretty fabulous for a playroom, no need to worry about the kids being bored inside on a rainy day!

Image Source Unknown

 Yes I know, crazy isn't it!?! I'm sure the parents of these children only ever need to look for them in one place, why would they be anywhere else?

So there were some reasonable and some completely over the top ideas for creating a great bedroom or playroom for your child(ren). I think the most important thing to consider when decorating a room for a child is the budget. If money isn't really a concern then go all out and decorate a fun, colourful, themed type room for a young child and then simply redecorate as they get older. If budget is a definite consideration then try decorating with a more neutral overall scheme that can be changed by the addition of different, age appropriate accessories.

Most importantly, remember children are only children for a short period of time, they have the rest of their lives to be adults. So make sure their rooms are FUN!

Thursday, 6 October 2011


I am definitely a pattern and texture kind of girl! In saying that, there are some patterns that I prefer over others, which leads me to write a post on chevrons.

You will no doubt recognise this zigzag pattern even if you weren't aware that they are referred to as chevrons. As it is a symmetrical patern, even people who don't normally like geometric patterns find the chevron inoffensive when it is used well.

Below are some examples of how you can use chevrons in your home.

Used here in the upholstery of these two accent chairs

When used as drapery panels they make a bold yet sophisticated statement

Chevrons make excellent patterns for area rugs, this black & white rug really anchors the room

Image: Unknown
These stools and wall panels are effective, though together they may be a little too much for some people!

Clever use of these wooden wall panels installed in a chevron pattern

The above photo shows how well chevrons can be paired up with other patterns as long as there is some linking factor, in this case the pink

Could a chevron find its way into your interior in some form?