Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I always like to keep my eye out for great pieces, whether for my clients or for our own home. A stroll through Domayne the other day uncovered some little gems, I could have bought myself many Christmas presents in there!

You'll have to excuse the quality of the photos as they were all taken on my iPhone.

Gorgeous large sea-green ceramic urns

Another sea-green urn, artificial orchid and love the lanterns on the bottom left of the picture. Now just a quick point about the orchid - I know not everyone is a fan of artificial plants and in general, I agree. It's important to remember though, that not everyone has a green thumb (trust me I know!) and if you choose a high quality, sculptural plant like an orchid I think an artificial plant can be a great addition to an interior.

This stunning chandelier is called the Air Bubble and it's pretty clear why. I adore this light fixture, it would be lovely hanging in an entry way or over a circular dining room table (with large ceilings of course)

Another beautiful modern pendant

I have been looking for a great bedroom chair and this one will definitely sit high on the list

These lovely dark mirrored bedside tables have been designed so they don't reflect too much light. When you first wake in the morning you don't want bright sunlight glaring into your eyes which can be an issue with traditional mirrored furniture.

This amazing mirrored trestle table would be perfect for a bedroom (in a position not in direct sunlight for the above reason) or for a glamorous statement in a hallway.

I hope you enjoyed a little trip through Domayne!

My Bathroom - The Bad & The Ugly

So after this post about my remaining unrenovated bathroom, I decided that I could not subject our relatives visiting from England for Christmas to using that awful bathroom for their entire stay.

Sounds great in theory but I  hadn't managed to win lottery, nor had I stumbled across a spare $35,000 hiding in a jacket pocket, so I had to find a way to do a make over instead of a renovation. If I'm being completely honest I wasn't overly sure that I would be happy with the end result but I'm pleased to say that the bathroom is almost complete and I'm really happy with it. I will post some pictures of the completed bathroom, as well as a budget breakdown (you won't believe the overall cost) in my next post. In the meantime here are some photos of what my bathroom used to look like. Be warned, it wasn't pretty!

Ah what to say about the bathroom, it's just wrong on so many levels. Notice the tile that has fallen off on the far end? Yep exposed gyprock with a hole in it is definitely an unexpected feature.

I know, I know. I can hear you saying "where would you even buy black tiles with a gold flower accent?" and I agree, I'm hoping this was a terrible style slip up back in the late 80's and that the tile manufacturer has now reconsidered their position. Now to address that bath, do you know that corner baths are the items most likely to be removed in any current bathroom renovation? For good reason too, they are a nightmare when you have small children (and aren't a giant) because you can't reach into them easily, you'd need an extra 12 hours a day to wait for something that size to fill and with Australian residents spending a vast number of years of our lives on water restrictions it makes them quite costly to fill all the time. Then of course there is the biggest issue, they are just too big!

Thankfully the bathroom is looking far more glamorous now. I'm hoping to finish off the last little bits over the weekend and will post the finished result next week.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Classic White Kitchens - Part 1

When it comes to creating a timeless, classic designed kitchen I believe you really can't go wrong with white. White kitchens stand the test of time. They are light, airy, happy places to spend time in and most importantly, they allow us to clearly see that they are CLEAN. For the same cleanliness reason, I think bed linen and towels should always be white too. I once had the misfortune of staying in a hotel (actually that is being far too kind - lets just call it a place that called itself a hotel) that had dark sheets and even darker towels, you never know what nasties may be hiding in that dark colour! Anyway I digress, below are some stunning white kitchens for you to enjoy...


Aren't the kitchens above gorgeous? I'm sure you noticed this post was titled Part 1, I have so many images of stunning white kitchens I couldn't possibly fit them into one post (or perhaps 2) so I will post more soon.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ultimate Bathroom

My husband and I undertook a massive renovation of our home when we purchased it 3 years ago. As with many renovations, we ran into a number of unforeseen issues that managed to dry up our budget before we completed all the work. By the time we moved in only one bathroom remained unrenovated, which didn't seem like a massive issue at the time (primarily because I was due to have a baby just 7 weeks later!). Fast forward to now and I have to admit the unrenovated bathroom drives me a little crazy. It appears to be Circa 1983 and I feel like I should have a teased fringe whilst listening to the Thriller soundtrack every time I walk in there.

Lately I've been daydreaming about what I will change and how we will update it when the time comes. I thought I would post a few photos of some amazing bathrooms I will definitely be using as inspiration for our bathroom..

This stunning bathroom is by one of my all time favourite designers, Sarah Richardson. I love everything about this bathroom.

Another stunning bathroom, this time by another one of my favourite designers, Candice Olson. You are possibly already noticing a pattern appearing - I do love a grey/blue toned bathroom.

I love the use of the geometric wallpaper here. So many bathrooms are tiled to the ceiling and can look so cold and clinical, the wallpaper adds a softness to the room.

The above photos are of a stunning bathroom designed by Tobi Fairley. Using fabric roman blinds and a fabric upholstered chair is another way to add some much needed softness in a bathroom. Using the turquoise/grey feature tile in horizontal bands is an excellent way to break up the white subway tile, which can otherwise have a very clinical feel.

So many stunning bathrooms.....such enormous budgets required!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Some Etsy Favourites

One thing I truly love about technology, is the way it has given us access to such an interesting and wide range of wonderful products from across the World. 

When you really think about it, it is incredible how far and how quickly we've reached the point we have. If I'd have wanted to order some handmade cushion covers from the US or UK say 15 years ago, it certainly would not have been as easy as sitting on my couch (coffee in hand), tapping on a few keys. And while I still don't fully understand the difference between 3G and 4G, or what on earth a "Cloud" is, I'm very happy that websites such as Etsy have secured their place in my Favourites list (speaking of which, isn't the Favourites list due to be superseded by something else by now!?!)

So here are a few of my favourite Etsy stores:

One of my favourite ways to make a piece of furniture feel custom-made is to switch out the handles/knobs. Putting a glass, or any unique style handle, onto a store bought piece of furniture instantly gives it a far more sophisticated look. Just be sure that the new knobs or handles are the same size as the ones you're replacing or you will have to patch and re-drill holes!

Now onto my favourite stores for cushion covers

I love the cushions from Elegantouch, they come in such lovely colours and patterns.

I adore the Suzani pillow covers from Pillow Throw Decor, they are so bright & vibrant. The quality of the fabrics are excellent too. Ah cushions, they are like little bursts of sunshine in our decor!

Monogramming isn't for everyone, but I think they can make an elegant statement when used appropriately. These small lumber cushions are a lovely example. I also love the embroidered damask cushion in the first photo, this would look stunning in a master bedroom.

From subtle neutrals to bolder geometrics, Sistudio Design has very unique and beautifully designed cushions to suit any decor.

So there were a few of my favourite Etsy stores. I have many more that I will endeavour to post about in the future. In the meantime, perhaps you'd like to share the Etsy stores you love?

Monday, 31 October 2011

What's Not To Love...

Today's post is a small collection of items I love at the moment.

What is not to love about this lamp? They are such a classic design statement. This is the Magnolia lamp available from Domayne and comes in this gorgeous blue or white.

Above is the Soraya Stone side table by Coco Republic. A slightly different take on the traditional ceramic stool, I think it's beautiful. These stools are handy as side tables and can also be used for extra seating when needed.

The gorgeous geometric wallpaper in this image is 'Darcy', available from Wall Candy Wallpaper. I have such a wallpaper obsession, if were up to me I'd probably have wallpapered feature walls in just about every room in our home!

The above rug is from the 'Saffron Collection' available at Designer Rugs. I am dying to use this rug and the previous wallpaper in a project. They would add such sophistication and a little bit of glamour to any room.
I have decided to get organised and write my next post on some of my favourite Etsy stores, see you then!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Real Living

This is a quick post to show you the cute, free gift you'll receive with this month's Real Living Magazine. If you're not into typography you can of course always pop a photo into the frame.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Exciting New Service!

I am so excited to announce the launch of Matilda Rose Interiors' new e-Design service!

If you have always wanted to have a room in your home professionally designed, but felt uncomfortable at the idea of having someone in and out of your home, then this is the service for you!

The entire e-Design process is carried out via email. You will receive a professional, personalised design for your chosen room. This design is created specifically for you to suit your preferred style.

Example e-Design Mood board

Jump onto our website for further information and rates for this service.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Boutique Accomodation

Suffering Sunday night blues with impending Monday-itis looming? Well this post may make you feel much better. Actually now I think about it, it may actually make you feel far worse but, if nothing else it will give you some beautiful properties to look at.

The images below are from a couple of different properties owned by Bells at Killcare. Killcare is located on the NSW Central Coast about 1.5hrs north of Sydney (it's just a few minutes drive from my personal little piece of paradise). For anyone wanting a short or long break, these places are beautifully appointed and are situated in stunning locations.

Bells Beach House

This property is located right opposite the beach with a cafe right next door

The striking, contemporary facade of the property

Now who couldn't picture themselves sitting back on this deck with a cocktail (or mocktail) in hand, soaking up the sunshine?

The perfect entertaining kitchen with lots of bench space and great open plan layout

Thought home bars were just badly designed brick monstrosities from the 80's? Clearly not here

I am loving grey in interiors at the moment and these two bedrooms are ticking all the boxes

So what did you think, isn't it lovely? It really is a quintessential Australian Beach House interior, executed to perfection!

Located just 5 minutes drive from Bells Beach House is Pretty Beach House. As the name suggests it is located in the little bay side suburb of Pretty Beach. Tucked away in the trees but with stunning views over the bay, it would be impossible not to relax & unwind if you were staying here

I love that they built the deck around the big old gum tree, it provides such a great feature

I really love plunge pools, probably because I like to dip rather than swim as I hate getting my face wet (yes I know it's weird and yes I do actually wash my face each day - I just don't enjoy it!)

This is the Bayview Pavilion, there isn't a single thing that I dislike about this room

I love this room's rustic chic interior. The wood panelled walls remind you that you are in a coastal setting, but I also love the use of the wooden trunks as bed posts and native floral display which references the bush setting

And just when you thought it really couldn't get any more luxurious, guests also have access to their power boat - The Launch

I hope you have a great week!