Saturday, 12 November 2011

Ultimate Bathroom

My husband and I undertook a massive renovation of our home when we purchased it 3 years ago. As with many renovations, we ran into a number of unforeseen issues that managed to dry up our budget before we completed all the work. By the time we moved in only one bathroom remained unrenovated, which didn't seem like a massive issue at the time (primarily because I was due to have a baby just 7 weeks later!). Fast forward to now and I have to admit the unrenovated bathroom drives me a little crazy. It appears to be Circa 1983 and I feel like I should have a teased fringe whilst listening to the Thriller soundtrack every time I walk in there.

Lately I've been daydreaming about what I will change and how we will update it when the time comes. I thought I would post a few photos of some amazing bathrooms I will definitely be using as inspiration for our bathroom..

This stunning bathroom is by one of my all time favourite designers, Sarah Richardson. I love everything about this bathroom.

Another stunning bathroom, this time by another one of my favourite designers, Candice Olson. You are possibly already noticing a pattern appearing - I do love a grey/blue toned bathroom.

I love the use of the geometric wallpaper here. So many bathrooms are tiled to the ceiling and can look so cold and clinical, the wallpaper adds a softness to the room.

The above photos are of a stunning bathroom designed by Tobi Fairley. Using fabric roman blinds and a fabric upholstered chair is another way to add some much needed softness in a bathroom. Using the turquoise/grey feature tile in horizontal bands is an excellent way to break up the white subway tile, which can otherwise have a very clinical feel.

So many stunning bathrooms.....such enormous budgets required!

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