Saturday, 24 September 2011

The forgotten areas...

Quite often when you are considering decorating your home, the entryway and hallway(s) are the most often forgotten and neglected areas. It is a real shame when you think about it, after all you spend a lot of time in these areas and whilst it's unlikely you're going to hold your next party in your hallway, it would be nice to have something interesting and pleasing to look at while you are passing through.

Of course the main problem with these areas is that they are often narrow, have lots of doors leading off them and in the case of some entryways they can be an odd shape. Even with these difficulties you can still use narrow console tables with decorative items on and above them to add some interest. In a narrow hallway why not use the wall space for a picture wall to display all those favourite family photos

Below are some images of hallways and entry ways that have benefited from the owners spending time and consideration when designing them.

Hopefully these images have given you some inspiration to look at your own hallway(s) and entry way and see if there is a way to make them more aesthetically pleasing and not such utilitarian spaces in your home.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Living Rooms I Love

Today I thought I'd post some photos of living rooms I love. As the name implies, your living room should be a room that draws you in, if you don't want to spend time with your family and friends in your living room there is clearly something in it's design that isn't right!

The rooms here comfortable, welcoming places that the owners would be happy spending many hours in.

I love this room with it's muted tones. These days the world outside our front door can make us feel like we're experiencing sensory overload as we are bombarded by everything that goes along with modern life. This room has a sense of tranquility about it.

The furniture placement in this room has been done so well, these people entertain yet the terrace is so narrow it was hard to seat a lot of people. The bench seat in the middle provides extra seating and allows conversation either side. The artwork over the fireplace is concealing a flat screen TV which is an excellent solution to the otherwise "black box" on the wall when it is turned off

This room has so many features I love. I love the bamboo table, the bamileke headdress over the fireplace, the ceramic stool & the geometric patterned cushion

I love the simplicity and class of a grey room
One of my all time favourite colour schemes, pale blue, taupe & white - so calming & relaxing

Feeling bright & vibrant? Why not give this decor a try!

My girls would be in heaven if we installed these swing couches in our living room

The inside/outside connection works so well in this living apartment

Another example of a great inside/outside connection

Romantic French decor

The colour green encourages us to relax

Contemporary and masculine

This living room has been beautifully decorated but let's be honest even if it wasn't it would be pretty tough not to love being in a room with a view that amazing!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Fabulous Fabrics

One of my favourite fabric stores, No Chintz, has just updated their website and they have done an excellent job. If you aren't familiar with No Chintz they have the most fantastic fabrics for all uses around the home with stores located in Willoughby, Woollahra & now Balmain. They also offer workshops so you can learn how to make your own cushions,  curtains or other crafty items.

I covered my kitchen bar stool seats in their Pippa Stripe fabric and it has been so hard wearing and easy to clean - even after my girls tried updating the pattern with Nutella and textas (luckily they were Crayola washable textas!)

If you get some spare time pop over to their website and have a look, you definitely won't be disappointed

No Chintz Website

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Kelly Hoppen

I thought I would write about one of the designers I think is truly gifted, her name is Kelly Hoppen. She is a globally renowned interior designer, has her own furniture range and has now branched out into fashion too. The photos below are of her own amazing modern, contemporary (yet vintage inspired) home. It is currently on the market if you have a few million pounds lying around!

The pictures below are some of the items from Kelly's furniture collection available in Australia through Coco Republic (yes I know another post about Coco Republic but who can resist their stunning furniture!)

A-leg Dining Table
Dining Chair - Front

Dining Chair - Back

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Colourful Inspiration

Now I know that in Australia (especially where I live in NSW) we don't exactly have to struggle through bitterly cold, blizzard condition Winters, but when Spring comes around I do get excited and feel the urge to bring some bright pops of colour into our home. So for today's post I thought I'd include some photos of bright, cheery, colourful rooms...enjoy!

How could you not feel happy and creatively inspired working in this fuchsia and tangerine office above? I also love this colour scheme for a little girls bedroom

The crisp white walls and floor in this room make the perfect back drop for the pops of aqua, turquoise and pinks

I came across this image years ago and have always loved it. It would not be possible to be in a bad mood if you were sitting in this cute room

via Unknown

How cute is this cottage kitchen vignette? My little girls love this picture, though that may primarily be because of the cupcakes in the foreground!

A pink boudoir certainly isn't for everyone, but if you like a glamorous, bold & girly feel you really couldn't go past this stunning bedroom

In this room I love the fact that they've decided to paint the wall bright turquoise and then keep the furniture and accessories in white, it really is effective

Everyone knows that children love and respond well to colour in their environment. It not only creates a feeling of well being but it also encourages their creative side and imagination. This room clearly has taken bright colour to a whole new level and I personally LOVE it!