Thursday, 1 September 2011

Colourful Inspiration

Now I know that in Australia (especially where I live in NSW) we don't exactly have to struggle through bitterly cold, blizzard condition Winters, but when Spring comes around I do get excited and feel the urge to bring some bright pops of colour into our home. So for today's post I thought I'd include some photos of bright, cheery, colourful rooms...enjoy!

How could you not feel happy and creatively inspired working in this fuchsia and tangerine office above? I also love this colour scheme for a little girls bedroom

The crisp white walls and floor in this room make the perfect back drop for the pops of aqua, turquoise and pinks

I came across this image years ago and have always loved it. It would not be possible to be in a bad mood if you were sitting in this cute room

via Unknown

How cute is this cottage kitchen vignette? My little girls love this picture, though that may primarily be because of the cupcakes in the foreground!

A pink boudoir certainly isn't for everyone, but if you like a glamorous, bold & girly feel you really couldn't go past this stunning bedroom

In this room I love the fact that they've decided to paint the wall bright turquoise and then keep the furniture and accessories in white, it really is effective

Everyone knows that children love and respond well to colour in their environment. It not only creates a feeling of well being but it also encourages their creative side and imagination. This room clearly has taken bright colour to a whole new level and I personally LOVE it!

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