Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Living Rooms I Love

Today I thought I'd post some photos of living rooms I love. As the name implies, your living room should be a room that draws you in, if you don't want to spend time with your family and friends in your living room there is clearly something in it's design that isn't right!

The rooms here comfortable, welcoming places that the owners would be happy spending many hours in.

I love this room with it's muted tones. These days the world outside our front door can make us feel like we're experiencing sensory overload as we are bombarded by everything that goes along with modern life. This room has a sense of tranquility about it.

The furniture placement in this room has been done so well, these people entertain yet the terrace is so narrow it was hard to seat a lot of people. The bench seat in the middle provides extra seating and allows conversation either side. The artwork over the fireplace is concealing a flat screen TV which is an excellent solution to the otherwise "black box" on the wall when it is turned off

This room has so many features I love. I love the bamboo table, the bamileke headdress over the fireplace, the ceramic stool & the geometric patterned cushion

I love the simplicity and class of a grey room
One of my all time favourite colour schemes, pale blue, taupe & white - so calming & relaxing

Feeling bright & vibrant? Why not give this decor a try!

My girls would be in heaven if we installed these swing couches in our living room

The inside/outside connection works so well in this living apartment

Another example of a great inside/outside connection

Romantic French decor

The colour green encourages us to relax

Contemporary and masculine

This living room has been beautifully decorated but let's be honest even if it wasn't it would be pretty tough not to love being in a room with a view that amazing!

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