Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Some Etsy Favourites

One thing I truly love about technology, is the way it has given us access to such an interesting and wide range of wonderful products from across the World. 

When you really think about it, it is incredible how far and how quickly we've reached the point we have. If I'd have wanted to order some handmade cushion covers from the US or UK say 15 years ago, it certainly would not have been as easy as sitting on my couch (coffee in hand), tapping on a few keys. And while I still don't fully understand the difference between 3G and 4G, or what on earth a "Cloud" is, I'm very happy that websites such as Etsy have secured their place in my Favourites list (speaking of which, isn't the Favourites list due to be superseded by something else by now!?!)

So here are a few of my favourite Etsy stores:

One of my favourite ways to make a piece of furniture feel custom-made is to switch out the handles/knobs. Putting a glass, or any unique style handle, onto a store bought piece of furniture instantly gives it a far more sophisticated look. Just be sure that the new knobs or handles are the same size as the ones you're replacing or you will have to patch and re-drill holes!

Now onto my favourite stores for cushion covers

I love the cushions from Elegantouch, they come in such lovely colours and patterns.

I adore the Suzani pillow covers from Pillow Throw Decor, they are so bright & vibrant. The quality of the fabrics are excellent too. Ah cushions, they are like little bursts of sunshine in our decor!

Monogramming isn't for everyone, but I think they can make an elegant statement when used appropriately. These small lumber cushions are a lovely example. I also love the embroidered damask cushion in the first photo, this would look stunning in a master bedroom.

From subtle neutrals to bolder geometrics, Sistudio Design has very unique and beautifully designed cushions to suit any decor.

So there were a few of my favourite Etsy stores. I have many more that I will endeavour to post about in the future. In the meantime, perhaps you'd like to share the Etsy stores you love?

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