Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I always like to keep my eye out for great pieces, whether for my clients or for our own home. A stroll through Domayne the other day uncovered some little gems, I could have bought myself many Christmas presents in there!

You'll have to excuse the quality of the photos as they were all taken on my iPhone.

Gorgeous large sea-green ceramic urns

Another sea-green urn, artificial orchid and love the lanterns on the bottom left of the picture. Now just a quick point about the orchid - I know not everyone is a fan of artificial plants and in general, I agree. It's important to remember though, that not everyone has a green thumb (trust me I know!) and if you choose a high quality, sculptural plant like an orchid I think an artificial plant can be a great addition to an interior.

This stunning chandelier is called the Air Bubble and it's pretty clear why. I adore this light fixture, it would be lovely hanging in an entry way or over a circular dining room table (with large ceilings of course)

Another beautiful modern pendant

I have been looking for a great bedroom chair and this one will definitely sit high on the list

These lovely dark mirrored bedside tables have been designed so they don't reflect too much light. When you first wake in the morning you don't want bright sunlight glaring into your eyes which can be an issue with traditional mirrored furniture.

This amazing mirrored trestle table would be perfect for a bedroom (in a position not in direct sunlight for the above reason) or for a glamorous statement in a hallway.

I hope you enjoyed a little trip through Domayne!


  1. Nice blog! Congratulations.
    I think I´ll be around to read more.....

  2. Khali - the chair is lovely isn't it, I love the nail head detail

  3. Tatiana - thank you for your lovely comment, look forward to seeing you here in future