Sunday, 16 October 2011

Boutique Accomodation

Suffering Sunday night blues with impending Monday-itis looming? Well this post may make you feel much better. Actually now I think about it, it may actually make you feel far worse but, if nothing else it will give you some beautiful properties to look at.

The images below are from a couple of different properties owned by Bells at Killcare. Killcare is located on the NSW Central Coast about 1.5hrs north of Sydney (it's just a few minutes drive from my personal little piece of paradise). For anyone wanting a short or long break, these places are beautifully appointed and are situated in stunning locations.

Bells Beach House

This property is located right opposite the beach with a cafe right next door

The striking, contemporary facade of the property

Now who couldn't picture themselves sitting back on this deck with a cocktail (or mocktail) in hand, soaking up the sunshine?

The perfect entertaining kitchen with lots of bench space and great open plan layout

Thought home bars were just badly designed brick monstrosities from the 80's? Clearly not here

I am loving grey in interiors at the moment and these two bedrooms are ticking all the boxes

So what did you think, isn't it lovely? It really is a quintessential Australian Beach House interior, executed to perfection!

Located just 5 minutes drive from Bells Beach House is Pretty Beach House. As the name suggests it is located in the little bay side suburb of Pretty Beach. Tucked away in the trees but with stunning views over the bay, it would be impossible not to relax & unwind if you were staying here

I love that they built the deck around the big old gum tree, it provides such a great feature

I really love plunge pools, probably because I like to dip rather than swim as I hate getting my face wet (yes I know it's weird and yes I do actually wash my face each day - I just don't enjoy it!)

This is the Bayview Pavilion, there isn't a single thing that I dislike about this room

I love this room's rustic chic interior. The wood panelled walls remind you that you are in a coastal setting, but I also love the use of the wooden trunks as bed posts and native floral display which references the bush setting

And just when you thought it really couldn't get any more luxurious, guests also have access to their power boat - The Launch

I hope you have a great week!

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  1. These properties are beautiful. The only problem would be leaving after your stay ends.