Thursday, 6 October 2011


I am definitely a pattern and texture kind of girl! In saying that, there are some patterns that I prefer over others, which leads me to write a post on chevrons.

You will no doubt recognise this zigzag pattern even if you weren't aware that they are referred to as chevrons. As it is a symmetrical patern, even people who don't normally like geometric patterns find the chevron inoffensive when it is used well.

Below are some examples of how you can use chevrons in your home.

Used here in the upholstery of these two accent chairs

When used as drapery panels they make a bold yet sophisticated statement

Chevrons make excellent patterns for area rugs, this black & white rug really anchors the room

Image: Unknown
These stools and wall panels are effective, though together they may be a little too much for some people!

Clever use of these wooden wall panels installed in a chevron pattern

The above photo shows how well chevrons can be paired up with other patterns as long as there is some linking factor, in this case the pink

Could a chevron find its way into your interior in some form?

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  1. I would definitely used chevrons in my home. I really like the combination of the two fabrics in the last photo.