Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Colour Trend - Blue & Crisp White

Anyone who loves browsing through furniture or homeware stores may have already noticed the latest colour trend. From now until perhaps the end of our Summer, blue & crisp white are making a big appearance.

I love this colour combination, although you do need to be careful to stick with similar tones and if it all gets a bit too much, you may wish to add accent colours in orange, red or blue to break it up a little. Below are some of my favourite rooms featuring blue and white.

Above images: Sarah Richardson

Above images: House of Turquoise

Image source unknown

Image source unknown

If the above images have you considering adding some blue & white to your home, here are some lovely accessories currently available.

1. KAS Anika (Green)  2. KAS Cambridge (Navy) 3. KAS Polly (Navy) 4. KAS Ruby (Blue). For stockists visit www.kasaustralia.com.au

1. Byzantine Cushion 2. Kale Range 3. Omah Range 4. Tessolate Cushion. Above cushions available from Freedom stores.

For those of you living in and around Brisbane, Anna Spiro has this lovely dinner set available at her store Black & Spiro.

IKEA is also running a Limited Edition Blue Collection in Europe at the moment, so I would assume that will also make it's way here soon!


  1. I'm not usually drawn to blue, but the rooms you showed are beautiful. I'd love them more if they were green. :)

    1. I know what you mean Lisa, a lot of people aren't very fond of blue, especially navy blue! I don't mind it as long as it's tempered down with lots of white or another colour. By the way I just realised you left me a lovely comment on my Houzz feature post. I'm sorry I didn't reply, for some reason your comments were ending up in my Spam folder, which I've fixed now :)