Monday, 11 June 2012

White Out...

Now that our house is on the market, I've been getting some ideas together for what our new interior may end up looking like. My previous post included images of certain features I like, but now I'm thinking about colour, or more appropriately lack thereof!

When we renovated our current home I was heavily pregnant. We moved into our home in the April and I had our youngest daughter in the first week of July. I'm not sure if pregnancy affects everyone in the same way it affected me, but I could NOT make a decision to save my life! Thankfully my Mum was around to force help me make the decisions I needed to when they needed to be made. The strangest thing that happened to me over that time though was that I wanted everything in warm tones. Now I'm not and never have been, a warm tone person and even with my Mum bringing that fact to my attention time and again I was adamant that my tastes had changed and I wanted everything warm. I have been happy with the colour scheme in our home, but now I'm starting to dream of crisp whites with blue/green accents for Summer and grey accents for Winter.

I just love how fresh and bright cool white interiors are. I realise some people may find them a little chilly feeling on a gloomy Winter day, but a lovely roaring fire is the perfect remedy for that!


  1. Hi Alisha. I've been so adamant that I don't want white walls in my house, but now that I've been looking at sooo many design blogs and mags with white walls it's growing on me. In fact, I'm painting my dining room an off white with a bit of gray. I love the rooms your presented. You aren't the only one who couldn't make a decision after pregnancy. I also ended up with wavy hair. Go figure!

    1. Hi Lisa
      I just love how they provide the perfect backdrop to adding any other colour you like. I can't wait to see your dining room once it's finished!