Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Sourcing art for my clients is always a fun but sometimes challenging thing to do because art is so subjective. Some people prefer abstract, whilst others prefer the more fine, complex and traditional art and then there are others who prefer to surround themselves with photography.

Thankfully most of my clients are appreciative of unique and in many cases brightly coloured art, which also happens to be my favourite! With that in mind I thought I would include a few examples of some art I've recently specified.

The first artist is Kathy Panton who is based in Brisbane, QLD. I love her bright, colourful artwork especially for children. Kathy's store can be found here!

Aren't they amazing!?! How could you look at one of those pieces and not feel happy?

The next artist's work I stumbled on whilst trawling through eBay. This art is a great mix of contemporary pictures printed directly onto the pages of old books. It gives it a very unique and quite playful feel. The store can be found here.


  1. I am loving the art with the dictionary pages. What is the best way to help clients find art work they like? It is so personal, but I like to incorporate art into my clients' rooms.

    1. Thanks for getting back in contact Lisa, it's lovely to hear from you again and thank you for the email regarding my settings too, I will definitely correct that :)