Friday, 7 February 2014

Dream Home

It's been a VERY long time since my last post. 2013 ended up being quite a hectic year for myself and my family but ended fantastically as we were able to buy our dream home (even if it did take 17 long months of on and off negotiations)!

When people found out we were moving the most common response was "why on earth would you move from your current house to another house that requires a full renovation?"

That response was completely fair. We'd just finished renovating our last home and loved it, so of course it would seem crazy to other people that we'd go through the arduous renovation process again.

The fact is though that I adore designing interiors and enjoy the renovation process, but most importantly I just LOVE this house. When I say I love this house, I don't mean that in the same way that I say I love jellybeans or a glass of wine, I mean I REALLY love it!!! 

When I was younger I used to come on holiday to visit my Aunt, Uncle & cousins who lived in a house not too far from here. We would occasionally drive past this house and even as a young teenager I remember looking out the window as we drove by adoring it. I wondered who lived there and I imagined what it would be like to live there myself. I saw it come on the market a number of years after that and I trawled through the images daydreaming of the changes I'd make to it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would actually end up living here one day, getting to make the changes I'd daydreamed about!

We have slowly started making those changes, but aren't in a rush. There is something fantastic about having a project timeline with no set end date. I can imagine I'll be tinkering away here until I'm an old lady (well that's the plan).

I'll continue to post update photos as our renovations are carried out, but here are some photos of the house as looked when we took possession of it.

And this final photo shows the main reason that we persevered with negotiating for 17 months! Houses along this particular stretch of coast rarely come on the market.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend whatever your plans may be. Mine will involve spending time up a ladder with a paint brush in hand - no doubt for the next 10 years or so!!

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  1. I'm so glad you're back. What a great story about your new house. I'll bet that on some level you knew one day you would live there. It has great bones and so much potential. You are the best person to renovate and decorate it. I really hope that you share what you do as you go along. That view is incredible. I hope that you and your family are very happy living there.