Monday, 9 January 2012

The Updated Bathroom...finally!

Sorry for the extra time it has taken to post the bathroom was a very hectic end to 2011!

As you may remember from my previous posts about the bathroom, it was pretty ugly, here is a little reminder:

And now...

I've been really pleased with the result, especially considering it cost less than $350 (excluding the accessories which I already owned). It will definitely serve it's purpose for another year or so until we are ready to undergo a full renovation - at which point I will completely alter the layout!

P.S - Apologies to all the photographers out there for the quality of the photographs, clearly I was NOT a born photographer!


  1. Just gorgeous! What a transformation with the bath. Did you paint the tiles? And the mirror - your handy work too?

  2. Beautiful! What did you do to the tiles? If it's that cheap I'd like to do the same to mine.

  3. Absolutely fabulous. The colour scheme is just right. Clever girl!

  4. Wow! I absolutely LOVE the results.

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments.

    Yes I painted the tiles and yes Renae I also put the frame around the mirror. I've had a few emails about the bathroom so I will create a quick post tomorrow with details on what products I used and a few little tips I picked up along the way!