Thursday, 16 February 2012

Shop Tour - nicnacs 4 kids

This week we'll be taking a tour through nicnacs 4 kids. This store is owned and run by Nicole Thomas and Anne Lyndon and is located in Erina Heights on the NSW Central Coast. nicnacs 4 kids specialises in lovely toys, gifts, furniture and accessories for children.

The photo above shows a collection of beautiful accessories for any girl's bedroom. I especially love the little fabric ducks, the pink & white framed paper tole artwork, the little babushka doll & mini Eiffel tower on the bedside table. The bedside tables are lovely with their scalloped detail, this makes such a nice change from the standard straight edged furniture that is so often used. Of course I also have to make mention of that gorgeous little burgundy tutu, my girls would love to get their hands on that!

This lovely set of aqua bed linen would look great in a little boys room but to be honest I'd also happily use it in a little girls room. I'm not a huge believer in girls rooms always having to be pink or purple. Using this set for either sex really just depends on what you use to accessorise the room with. Adding some pops of green would make it feel more masculine and adding some pink accessories would make it feel more feminine (the little babushka doll is a perfect way to tie in the aqua and pink colour scheme).

Aren't these artworks just the cutest thing!?! Any mother with a young daughter will tell you of their love of 'swishy' skirts and of course, dancing. What may not be clear from the photo is that they are real little skirts attached to the canvas, such a cute touch!

Lets face it, children have a pretty nice existence, so they don't really need inspirational quotes garnishing their walls, life at their young age is awe inspiring enough! I love these examples of typography art, any little boy would love a list of dinosaur names in his room. I personally used to sing (badly) "Hush Little Baby" to my girls when they were babies and I have to admit there was the odd occasion (normally at 2am) when I would forget the words. How handy would it have been to have the words framed and hanging above their cot! Of course the "I love you to the stars the moon and back" piece is just beautiful and a good reminder for all of us, but especially our children.

I hope you've enjoyed a quick look around nicnacs 4 kids. If you would like to see the store in person the address is Shop 3, 490a The Entrance Road, Erina Heights.

Their Facebook page is here and their email address is

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  1. I'm definitely going to have to visit this store. Thanks for sharing!