Thursday, 23 February 2012

Shop Tour - Pippi Australia

Our last shop tour for this series is Pippi Australia. Pippi is located in Kincumber and is one of the first stores I found when I relocated from Sydney to the Central Coast. Needless to say I was so pleased to have found such a beautiful store so close to my poor husband would cringe each time I said "I'm just ducking down to Pippi!".

I will quote directly from Pippi's website as it describes the store perfectly, "A heavenly white abode of coastal living homeware, giftware and stationery".

The store is filled with gorgeous white and neutral tone homewares which would suit almost any decor. They also have a line of bags, children's products, scented palm wax candles and beautiful shell wedding bouquets.

I love this architect style lamp. These are great in an office or work equally well in a living room, they lend a slightly masculine feel to a room. What coastal living store would be complete without some fabulous shells? These would look lovely in a collection displayed in a glass vessel.

As you can see from the picture above, the shelves in Pippi are filled with lovely pieces, many of which serve both a functional and decorative purpose. I particularly like the grey textured vases and the sweet origami crane, I have a cousin who used to make many little origami cranes and these remind me so much of those. I love it when I come across items that are slightly out of the ordinary, I think they add a very personalised feel to a home.

I'm sure you have seen driftwood drops before, they are lovely, but normally come with a large price tag, these however are really well priced. Driftwood drops work well as shown here in groups of 3, but are equally nice on their own hanging in a narrow niche or nook area in your home.

This picture shows some of the beautiful lamps available. These types of lamps provide a lovely soft light and are pretty in bookshelves or as decorative items in childrens rooms. I also love the little driftwood bowls on the top shelf, they almost look like nests.

Above is a picture of the gorgeous shell wedding bouquet you can also purchase at Pippi, once again it is a slightly different take on a traditional bouquet and would of course be a perfect addition to any beach wedding.

I highly recommend you stop by Pippi, you will not be disappointed! The store address is 182 Avoca Drive, Kincumber, NSW 2251.

If you can't get to the store, the web address is where you can view and purchase their products online.

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  1. I have bought countless presents from this shop - love it