Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Project - Fisherman's Cottage

One of my latest projects involved helping the owners of a run down 1930's fisherman's cottage transform it into a lovely, light and bright home. As it is located just a short stroll to the waterfront, we wanted to nod to it's bay location by bringing in some turquoise and aqua tones.

The most amazing thing about this particular project, is that the renovation was completed with just $12,000! This was possible through lots of hard work by the owners themselves and reusing many pieces of furniture they already owned.

The first photo below shows the dining area looking back into the loungeroom. The door into the second bedroom was located just to the left of the fireplace. This door was closed up and moved onto the adjacent wall opening straight into the living room. The old fireplace was also removed, allowing us to create a proper dining area.

Dining Before

Dining After

Below are photos of the kitchen. The old kitchen was actually in very good condition, albeit a bit old and tired. Because the kitchen carcasses and doors were in good condition we decided so simply paint them white and change the hardware. The stove was quite new, as was the range, so they did not need to be replaced. A beautiful green/aqua colour was chosen for the island cabinets to make a feature of the island. This colour was repeated on a feature wall in the living room.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Close up of the glass tile used as the splashback. The glass tile references water with its watery blue/grey/green tones and little bits of sparkle.

Below are the before and after images of the living room. The 'after' image shows the biggest budgeted item in the project, the new floor, which was installed throughout the cottage...that carpet just had to go!

As you can see from the 'before' photo, this room was in dire need of an update. The pole in the middle of the room was (thankfully) moved and the stained glass window had a date with the recycle yard!

Living Room Before

Living Room After
I just love this cottage now, it has such a better feel to it than it did before. The last job on the list is to renovate the facade of the cottage, when that has been completed I will post some images of that too!


  1. Wow. That's such a good example of how paint can transform a room. By the way, I listed you as one of my top five favorite bloggers in one of my posts. I called you Matilda, but now know you are Alisha. Where did you get the name Matilda Rose?

    1. Thanks Lisa, I love when something as simple as paint can make such an enormous difference on a space.
      Matilda and Rose are the middle names of both my daughters. I thought it would be nice to incorporate their names into my business name

  2. HI Alisha! What a wonderful job you have done to the cottage! It looks so fresh now!

  3. Overall, the place looks great. I was sad though to see that the fireplace was taken out. I understand you needed the space but that piece and the tiles behind it were quite unique and beautiful...

  4. Can I ask where you got your tiles from, they are exactly what i have been after.

    1. If you are located in Australia, I sourced them from Peninsula Wall & Floor Tiles in Umina Beach, NSW. Hope that helps!