Friday, 2 March 2012

Ombre Effect

The ombre trend has been increasing in the Northern Hemisphere, both in fashion and interior accents. I'm hoping to see more of it here in Australia, as I love it!

Ombre is a dip dyeing technique that results in beautiful blended colour. Of course this effect is most popular on fabrics but can also be used on painted furniture and as you'll see below as beautiful light fixtures.

This stunning pendant was actually a DIY project on the Martha Stewart website, though I was unable to find the exact article to link to.

I love the colours used in this artwork. This was made using paint chips, I would imagine this person holds patience as a virtue!

This pretty quilt cover and shower curtain were available through Anthropologie. I especially love the greens and blues mixed in the shower curtain. These muted colour combinations would look so lovely in a nursery, it's a shame shower curtains are so short...

The above two images show how great drawers look painted in slightly different tones of the same colour palette. I also love the paint dipped effect on the chair under the desk in the first picture, this just adds another layer to the scheme.

Normally the ombre effect is used with the lightest colour at the top, gradually getting darker. I love that these curtains have been used in the opposite way and then the colour replicated at ground level in the chairs.

As with any trend in interiors, cushions are a simple, easy & cost effective way to incorporate ombres into your home.

In my opinion ombres are certainly more visually appealing than tie-dying so hopefully they will stay on-trend for a while longer.


  1. I just wrote a post about Ombre and created wall art that mimics the ombre effect. It would be fun to have an ombre pillow on my couch as well, though maybe overkill. BTW, I mentioned your blog as one that I follow. Here's the link if you want to check it out.

    1. Hi Lisa - Thanks so much, I really appreciate your kind comments and congratulations on the Liebster Blog award you must be so pleased!

  2. Hi Alisha! Thanks so much for including my Marimekko green ombre pillow cover in your ombre round-up! And I love the pendant and paint chip art projects you included.