Friday, 13 July 2012

Colour My World...

I remember a few years ago someone close to me asking me what I'll do with all our furniture and decor once I get sick of it. I remember at the time thinking "what on earth are you talking about, this IS who I am and what I like, why would I want to change it".

The older I get, the more I realise that we have core beliefs and we have a core style. The other bits and pieces can change as we get older and change. For me, my preferred core style is classic-contemporary, it always has been and I'm quite sure it always will be. I guess the 'contemporary' part of that equation means that I can change things to keep our home decor feeling up to date (whatever that means at the time). Another massive change I've noticed in myself is my LOVE of colour. I can't quite explain how much I want to immerse myself in all the colour and pattern possible and when I say colour I'm not talking pretty pastels, I'm talking major, bold, vivid pops of colour! I'm thinking bold turquoise or fuchsia couches and heavily patterned accent chairs. I find it energising and invigorating and a perfect reflection of my little family.

Source Unknown

Warwick Fabric - Alhambra

Ah, writing this blog post has made me even more determined to get even more colour into our world!


  1. Horaaaay for happy colors! Great inspirational photos finds Matilda!

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